What Not to Wear to Court:

  • Sleeveless or muscle shirt.
  • Exercise outfit.
  • Anything sexy or too dressy – tight tops, short skirts, sequins, slinky tops, revealing tops. Don’t
    wear anything you’d wear out on a Saturday night!
  • Sundress or strapless dress.
  • Crop tops. Cover your belly button!
  • Any top with spaghetti straps.
  • T-shirts (especially ones with beer, drug or sexual references).
  • Anything you’d wear to the zoo or to do yard work.
  • Athletic attire, especially baseball caps.
  • Jeans, unless they are the only long pants you own.
  • Clothing that is too small or too large.
  • Clothing that reveals your underwear.


  • No Sneakers In Court
  • Flip-flop sandals.
  • Athletic shoes.
  • High-heel spikes.
  • Open-toed shoes.
  • Anything you’d wear at the beach.
  • Lots of jewelry, especially if it makes noise when you move.
  • Sunglasses, unless medically prescribed.


  • Messy Hair
  • Wet and messy.
  • Dirty.
  • Unnatural dye job.
  • Hairnet and/or curlers.
  • Weird or unusual haircut.


  • Look dirty or unshaven.
  • Cologne and perfume. Use very little. Too much and everyone will wonder what you are trying to cover up!
  • Smelling like cigarette smoke.
  • Smelling like pot. That’s a totally different problem!
  • Smelling of alcohol. Again that’s a totally different problem!
  • Nails – extremely long nails on both men and women, neon or bright nail polish.

Tattoos & Piercings:

  • Hide the tattoos.
  • Remove the jewelry BEFORE entering the courtroom.
  • Bare legs or shoulders showing.
  • Hats.
  • Shorts or cut-offs.

Ideas of what you SHOULD wear to the courthouse:

Conservative dress – something you would wear to church, work or a nice social function. (If you wear a uniform to work,
it is usually OK to wear it to court unless you wear shorts to work.)

Wear clothes that fit. If you have gained or lost a lot of weight, please buy something new for your courtroom


  • Wearing Tie
  • Suit with tie.
  • Sports coat.
  • Long-sleeve button-down shirt with a collar and long pants.
  • Wear a belt or suspenders to keep up your pants.


  • A nice dress or woman’s business suit.
  • A conservative pants suit.
  • Conservative top and long slacks.


  • Less is more. Remove all piercings.
  • If you claim you have no money, then wearing lots of jewelry is unwise.


  • Make sure nails are neat and clean.
  • Wear neutral nail polish.


  • Wear closed-toe shoes.
  • Wear conservative shoes.


  • Schedule a haircut two weeks before the court appearance.
  • Look neatly groomed. If your hair is long, tie it back. No hairnets, rollers or combs.


  • Brush your teeth and use mouthwash.
  • Men, shave before court and trim your mustache/beard.
  • Women, wear very conservative make-up.
  • Use soap and water liberally before coming to court.
  • Deodorant. You will be nervous, so be prepared.
  • If you perspire a lot, bring a handkerchief or whatever to look cool and confident.