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The Law Office of Stephen H. Frankel is proud to represent workers who have been injured on the job. We have represented workers in falls from ladders, scaffolds and roofs, etc.. We represent workers struck by falling objects including beams. We have also represented workers who have fallen over debris at their job site. We are fluent in New York State Labor Law Section 240(1), 241(6) and 200 and have argued successfully on behalf of injured workers in many cases, both at the trial level and at the appeals court level. The Law Office of Stephen H. Frankel has an experienced New York construction accident attorney ready to assist you right now.

Ladder Injury:

Broken and unsteady ladders can lead to serious construction injuries which can include spinal injury, broken bones, paralysis and even death. Often when these injuries occur the employer or a third party can be held accountable. An improper design, maintenance or lack of proper equipment can cause him or her to fall. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is in charge of enforcing regulations regarding ladder use. The Law Office of Stephen H. Frankel has an experienced New York ladder injury attorney ready to assist you right now.

Scaffold Accident:

Working with heavy equipment and building materials on the limited space of a scaffold is both difficult and dangerous for New York construction workers. Falls from scaffolds can result in injuries ranging in severity from sprains/strains to possible death. Many of theses accidents occur when planking or supports give way, employees slip or trip, or falling objects strike workers on scaffolds. Defective or improperly assembled scaffolding is also a major cause of injury on construction sites. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) defines a personal fall arrest system as a system used to arrest an employee in a fall from a working level. It consists of a full body harness that workers fasten with a lifeline to a secure anchorage and is designed to stop an employee from hitting a lower level or structure during a fall. The Law Office of Stephen H. Frankel has an experienced New York scaffold accident lawyer ready to assist you right now.

Falling Objects:

On construction sites, there are many areas where workers can be injured from falling objects. Injuries most commonly suffered from falling object accidents include brain injuries, head injuries, blindness, cuts, loss of limbs and even death.

While there are preventative measures, such as wearing a hard hat, to help stop injuries caused by falling objects, they are not always successful. When an object falls, it gains nearly 22 mph every second. This is why even when small objects, such as bolts, nails or screws fall from a great height, they can cause serious injuries. Additionally, even if all construction workers are out of the way of a falling object, it could land on other construction tools, equipment, or hazardous chemicals, which could cause injuries to those who were not directly in the vicinity of the falling debris.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) enforces a variety of regulations to limit the number of falling object accidents on construction sites. It is up to the individuals responsible for the management of a site and its workers to make sure that these regulations are followed. A lack of oversight or an intentional cutting of corners that leads to injury maybe considered negligence and grounds for a construction accident lawsuit. An experienced injury lawyer can investigate a falling object claim and build a strong case for the victim that holds the negligent parties responsible. The Law Office of Stephen H. Frankel has an experienced New York falling object lawyer ready to assist you right now.

Elevator Accidents:

New York has numerous local laws governing the installation, inspection and maintenance of elevators. In addition, New York has enacted specialized laws designed to protect construction site workers who often operate manual hoists. When general contractors, elevator maintenance companies, building owners and other responsible parties fail to comply with the applicable laws and safety standards, serious accidents may result.

If you suffered an injury while working on or riding in an elevator, we urge you to explore all of your legal rights by as soon as possible after the injury occurs. Injury victims need a New York law firm that knows the law inside and out, understands the rights of elevator workers and passengers and has the tools to maximize financial recovery.

The Law Office of Stephen H. Frankel handles a wide array of elevator accident cases. These may involve:

  •     Injuries caused by manually operated hoists on construction sites
  •     Mis-leveling, or the elevator failing to line up with the building floor
  •     Falling down the open elevator shaft
  •     Becoming caught in the elevator door
  •     Being trapped in the main elevator compartment
  •     Being crushed between the elevator wall and the car
  •     Sudden acceleration or deceleration
  •     Defective governors
  •     Improper maintenance of the hoist cable
  •     Bypassing the interlock circuit
  •     Safety device failures

The Law Office of Stephen H. Frankel has an experienced New York elevator accident lawyer ready to assist you right now.

Building Collapse:

When buildings or structures collapse, construction workers can be seriously injured or killed as debris and other materials fall around them. When buildings are constructed properly and in accordance with building codes, the risk of a New York building collapse is minimized. In addition, architects and building designers have an obligation to ensure that buildings are safe for the public. However, buildings can collapse for a number of reasons, including bad design, foundation failure, faulty construction, poor construction materials, and excessive loads. When construction workers are restoring buildings that have fallen into disrepair, the risk of a building collapse accident increases.

Constructions workers have a right to be safe when they are working, and architects and engineers are responsible for ensuring that structures are stable enough for people to be in. Additionally, depending on the circumstances of the accident, a construction firm, building owner or building manager may be held liable for injuries incurred during a building collapse. In the event of a building or structural collapse, the Law Office of Stephen H. Frankel can investigate the circumstances of the accident and determine when and where negligence occurred.

The parties responsible for a building or structural collapse can be held responsible through a construction accident lawsuit. This will afford victims the opportunity to recover compensation for the medical expenses, lost wages, and other damages they have incurred. If you or a loved one was injured or killed as the result of a building collapse our firm is ready to protect your rights. Contact the Law Office of Stephen H. Frankel to speak with an experienced New York building collapse lawyer right now.

Construction Debris:

Should a construction site be 100% free from all debris ? Nobody expects a construction site to look perfect. Construction work naturally generates some level of dirt and debris. However, when the debris and clutter accumulates near open holes in the floor, on unfinished roofs or on stairways, workers are at risk for dangerous slips, trips and falls.

It is generally the responsibility of the construction site manager to make sure that work areas are free from materials that may cause an accident. When a manager is negligent in this duty and injuries result, the injured worker may have the right to recover additional money for his or her medical bills, lost wages, suffering and other damages on top of what he or she collects from workers’ compensation.

Debris left on in walkways, on stairs, on rooftops or in other work areas can cause many different types of construction site accidents. Our experienced New York construction debris legal team handles workplace debris cases that include but are not limited to:

  •     Construction site falls
  •     Falls into open elevator shafts
  •     Injuries from slipping or tripping
  •     Falls into holes in construction floors

To speak with an experienced New York construction debris lawyer contact us right now.

Faulty Stairs or Handrails:

According to estimates from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), there are over 24,000 injuries and 30 fatalities on construction sites each year due to falls from stairways and ladders. Many of these injuries and fatalities may have been avoided if OSHA’s detailed requirements had been followed for stairways, stair rails and handrails used on construction sites.

Such cases may include:

  •     Collapsing construction site stairways
  •     Falls involving unguarded stairway openings
  •     Faulty or missing handrails
  •     Falls caused by debris left on stairs
  •     Stairs built at too steep of an angle
  •     Slips, trips and falls on stairways

If you have been injured through faulty stairs or handrails, contact an experienced New York lawyer at the Law Office of Stephen H. Frankel.

Fires and Explosions:

Construction site fires and explosions can result in serious injuries for New York construction workers. Burns, disfigurement, broken bones, and numerous other injuries can be caused by flames, extreme temperatures, and falling debris in a New York construction site fire. In the event of a large explosion, people passing by the construction site can also be injured. Defective products, electrical problems, exploding gas lines, and chemical tank explosions are just a few of the hazards that can cause fires and explosions on construction sites. In order to minimize the risk of injury to construction workers, a fire safety plan and evacuation route should be developed and all employees should be made aware of it. Employers should also establish rules and guidelines for employees to follow when handling flammable or combustible materials.

If a construction worker is injured in a fire or explosion, and that injury could have been prevented by a more appropriate or thorough evacuation plan, or if the fire itself was caused by someone’s negligence, the victim may have legal recourse. Construction site owners, contractors, property owners, and others are responsible for ensuring that a job site is safe. When this duty is neglected, people get hurt. Our firm can help victims pursue compensation for medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering due to the disfigurement, disability, and discomfort that fires and explosions can cause. Contact the Law Office of Stephen H. Frankel to speak with an experienced New York fire and explosion lawyer right now.

Defective Machinery and Equipment:

Construction workers are constantly at risk for injury due to the presence of heavy equipment, including cranes, on construction sites. Heavy machinery and mechanized equipment accidents are one of the leading causes of workplace injuries in the United States. Even when heavy construction equipment is operated carefully by properly trained workers, a worker using the equipment can experience mishap and failure, especially if it is overused or improperly maintained. Product defects can also be the cause of heavy machinery accidents on construction sites. When cranes, forklifts, ladders, power tools, scaffolding, backhoes, and hoists are improperly designed or manufactured, construction workers are put at great risk for injury. Lack of proper instructions or safety warnings, co‑worker negligence, and inadequate supervision by the construction company are additional factors that may contribute to heavy equipment accidents. Accidents involving heavy equipment are often catastrophic and can result in death or a life‑altering injury, such as a traumatic brain injury or loss of a limb. Contact the Law Office of Stephen H. Frankel to speak with an experienced New York defective machinery and equipment attorney right now.

Holes in Construction Floor:

At nearly any construction site, holes in the floor are a necessary part of the construction process. They may be temporary, such as openings that exist because the floor is still unfinished, or they may be permanent, such as openings for stairways. When a hole does exist, it is critical that workers and their supervisors take careful measures to prevent persons or objects from falling through the gap. Holes at a construction site represent a major hazard for workers.

To prevent accidents and fatalities, Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulations require floor and wall openings to meet the following standards, among others:

  • Floor openings of 12 inches or more must be guarded by a secured cover, a guardrail or the equivalent on all sides (except at entrances to stairways).
  • Toeboards must be installed around the edges of permanent floor openings (where persons may pass below the opening).

If you have been injured due to a hole at a construction site call an experienced New York construction attorney at the Law Office of Stephen H. Frankel for a free consultation.

Slips Trips and Falls:

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), over 6 million people work at more than a quarter of a million construction sites across the country on a daily basis, and slips, trips and falls are one of the main causes of injuries and fatalities at these job sites.

When a slipping, tripping or falling accident is the result of negligence or carelessness on the part of a construction company, general contractor, construction site supervisor or other party, the injured worker may be able to recover compensation through a personal injury claim in addition to a workers’ compensation claim.

Preventing Slip‑and‑Fall and Trip‑and‑Fall Accidents on Construction Sites

OSHA states that “using guardrails, fall arrest systems, safety nets, covers and restraint systems can prevent many deaths and injuries from falls.” Here are a few of OSHA’s safety recommendations and standards for preventing slips, trips and falls on unsafe floors:

  • Keep stairways and walkways free of debris and dangerous materials.
  • Immediately correct slippery conditions on stairways and walkways.
  • Ensure that treads cover the entire step and landing.
  • Have a minimum of one handrail on a stairway with four or more risers or one rising more than 30 inches.
  • To protect construction workers near the edges of roofs, erect guardrails with toeboards and warning lines or install control line systems.
  • Cover all floor holes.
  • Use safety net systems or fall arrest systems such as body harnesses.

The Law Office of Stephen H. Frankel has an experienced New York slip, trip and fall construction attorney ready to assist you right now.


Electrical accidents occur in the workplace everyday. Often, electrical accidents at a construction site take place in the presence of high voltage electricity. When a worker is exposed to high voltage electricity, it can result in permanent disability, paralysis and even death. Building owners and managers, construction companies and the various utility companies are all required by New York and Federal laws to follow strict safety standards and rules. When these rules are not followed, devastating injuries can follow. The Law Office of Stephen H. Frankel is here to assist you.

Undocumented Worker:

If you are a recent immigrant or an undocumented construction worker who was seriously hurt on the job, you may have been told you have no legal rights because you have no papers. You may also be afraid to bring a lawsuit for fear that you will be deported. People are likely trying to take advantage of you.

You do have legal rights, and you will not be deported for using these rights.

Personal injury lawsuits take place in the civil courts. Undocumented workers are not deported for pursuing on‑the‑job injury claims in our civil courts.

The Law Office of Stephen H. Frankel is here to help undocumented construction workers protect their rights and get the money they need to recover from job site injuries.

Whether you are a permanent resident (“Green Card” holder), you have a temporary work visa or you entered the U.S. illegally, you may still be able to recover money for injuries you suffered on the job. Your immigration status does not affect your right to have a safe workplace. If a construction company or supervisor is negligent or careless and you get hurt, you have the right to seek compensation.

Call an experienced New York undocumented worker lawyer at the Law Office of Stephen H. Frankel for a free no obligation consultation.

Defective Ropes or Cables:

Ropes and cables are used for countless tasks on constructions sites in New York and across the country. They include:

  •     Hoist cables in cranes
  •     Elevator or material lift cables
  •     Cables or ropes used in fall restraint systems for workers
  •     Electrical cords or cables

When a general contractor or construction company negligently uses worn or frayed rope or cable, workers may suffer serious injuries or fatalities. Likewise, tragic accidents may result when a product manufacturer produces defective rope or cable or a subcontractor is not provided with the safety gear he or she needs.

If your injuries were the result of third‑party negligence or carelessness, you can pursue personal injury compensation in addition to your workers’ compensation claim. Call an experienced New York defective rope or cable attorney at the Law Office of Stephen H. Frankel right now.